How To Set Up And Use A Creative Newsletter Template

Working on defining what makes your newsletter yours? Here's a how-to on creating a creative template for your newsletter.
How To Set Up And Use Creative Newsletter Templates

A good newsletter template style will catch your reader’s eye and save you a lot of time in the future. Whether you want to design your own or use a premade template, you’ll always end up with a happier, more engaged reader.

How do you set up templates for your newsletter though?

In this post, we’ll have a quick look at how to use Canva to set up your newsletter template style. It’s an easy five-step process that will have your newsletter ready for your next release.

Option 1: Choose a Premade Newsletter Template

Canva has a small library of premade newsletter templates available to use, and more within their actual content creation app.

Pick one that you feel suits your newsletter and brand and tweak it to your liking. A lot of pre-made templates can be easily adjusted to fit your brand.

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of time-saver. In Canva you start by creating a new design. Navigate to the template tab on the left of your screen, find one you like, and give it a tweak. Simple!

Option 2: Create Your Own Newsletter Template

This is not as hard as it sounds!

It also helps that Canva makes it incredibly easy to make templates. You can also check out our round-up of our favourite newsletter themes for inspiration.

Canva has plenty of shapes, photos, and templates for you to create your own layout and make it your own.

Make sure it hits all the right notes with its title, header image, and social media links at the bottom.

The filler text can also be whatever you need it to be. It will get replaced with your content when you use the template.

Hit “save” at the top left and you’re ready to go!

Using Your Template

Once your newsletter template is saved, it will be stored in the “All your designs” tab of Canva for easy access.

You can now make copies of the template to use as the base for your future emails.

To make that copy, hover over your template with your mouse cursor and click the triple dots on the top right of the template. Then, click “make a copy.” Open up the copy which will appear on the top left of your design list, rename it, and start filling it with content!

After you’ve finished setting up your newsletter with your content, you can save and download it as your preferred file format (PDF, PNG, or JPG image are typical) to integrate into your emails.

For future newsletters, just rinse and repeat.


Everything is easy when you have the right tools for the work, especially when it comes to making and using email templates.

Whether you’re using a premade design or making your own with Canva, a good template saves time and makes your brand look great in an email.

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How To Set Up And Use Creative Newsletter Templates
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