I’m A #FearlessFriend

I was featured as a #FearlessFriend recently by a fellow entrepreneur. It's so wonderful to be recognized as a mover and shaker for marketing services.
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My friend Julie from Flora Skinlab featured me as her #FearlessFriend on one of her recent newsletters. It was a happy surprise for me to read what she had to say. Here’s what she wrote…

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

Author unknown

Let me introduce you to this weeks #FearlessFriend, Elizabeth Ruth.  She’s a rockstar with a ton of irons in the fire and a true #fearlessfriend.  She runs not 1 but 3 Businesses! I don’t know how she still finds the time to run an accountability group.  

She is gracious with her marketing knowledge and challenges us in the group to make our businesses better.  But you don’t have to be in the group to benefit from this Marketing Maven from ER Marketing Services, just make sure you’re following her on Instagram where she’s been dropping all the secrets!  


Don’t have the time to implement all her tricks?  Don’t worry, just book an appointment with her and she’ll be glad to help!  Trust me, this is one #FearlessFriend you want to be friends with too!  Go check her out 😇


Thanks, Julie for your kind words. I love to support fearless women who are following their entrepreneurial dreams.

If you want to masterfully communicate with your audience, I can help with your digital marketing strategy and content writing so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

Contact me today to see how we can get started.

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Elizabeth R.

Elizabeth is the founder of ER Marketing Services, a content writer, and marketing strategist who is dedicated to helping businesses thrive. She loves to teach the foundations of marketing and how to effectively use AI in the More Money Less Stress Marketing Academy. Her passion is to provide clients with tailored solutions for their written needs, ensuring they achieve success in their marketing endeavours.

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