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With an English Bachelor of Arts Honours degree and over 20 years of professional experience, Elizabeth is the Owner and Chief Copy Writer for ER Marketing Services.

Through her work with various industry leaders and business owners, it was common to hear from fellow entrepreneurs that they struggled with engaging with their clients. It was then that she decided to start ER Marketing Services where she could support businesses with their written marketing needs.

Now Elizabeth and her team specialize in designing marketing strategies and writing content for websites, blog posts, social media, and email newsletters. 

Elizabeth is honoured to have worked with a variety of product and service-based businesses that include online shops, trades businesses, media personalities, nonprofits, event planners, healthcare providers, plus several travel agencies.


In today’s day and age, if a business is not on social media or represented with a website, prospective clients simply move on to someone else who has one.

The team at ER Marketing Services will help you be strategic with your marketing efforts by working smarter, not harder. 

We use an interview-style approach so that your thoughts are put into polished statements. This way, your message is unique and authentic so that you can attract your ideal clients.

Our goal is to support you or even completely take marketing off your plate so you can focus on getting new clients and fulfilling orders.

Marketing is so much more than standing on the online corner shouting “buy my stuff!”. It’s about building relationships, establishing you as an expert or authority in your industry, and sharing with your audience in a way that will make them keep coming back for more.

Are you ready to connect with your audience in a way that will change your business?

our team

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Buena Belle Del Rosario

Belle is a web and graphic designer who helps organizations generate leads and sales through advertising techniques. 

Belle spent five years as a Marketing Assistant and a Sales Coordinator for DKSH Philippines and Ayala Sales Inc. As part of the marketing program at Conestoga College, she now helps ER Marketing Services with their internal business marketing.

In her spare time, Belle enjoys surfing and web design.

Bhargavi Radadiya

Bhargavi is a journalist and a blog writer who aspires to be her own best self. She cultivated strong communication skills, a goal-oriented approach, and professional expertise in Editing, Content Writing, and Social media management through a range of practical experience in India. She was still not satisfied, and her quest to improve her versatility brought her to the Great White North, also known as Canada.

She is currently a journalism student at Conestoga College in Canada and works as a blog writer at ER Marketing Services.

Bhargavi has the soul of an introvert who loves creative writing. She has skills in managing social media and blog writing, so she decided to move forward as a social media content creator and manager. She enjoys reading, cooking, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

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Michael Reitmeier

Michael is a journalist and content writer who excels in writing clear and engaging copy for businesses and blogs. He has an English degree from the University of Waterloo. After working as a technical writer, Michael decided to use his skills in customer communication and writing to move towards the fields of journalism, marketing, and content writing. Presently, he is a journalism student at Conestoga College and works as a content writer at ER Marketing Services. Michael enjoys reading, board games, and spending time with his family.

Rishi Bhardwaj

Rishi Bhardwaj is a content creator who helps everyone with written, visual and graphic content.

Before getting fully into content creation, Rishi worked more than 5 years as a freelance photographer and a digital marketing manager. After a successful career helping clients like social media influencers, event managers and many startup firms, Rishi now plans on expanding his services to an even bigger audience.

Rishi enjoys shooting and editing promotional videos.

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Seevegen Moonesawmy

Seevegen is a web and graphic designer who uses promotional tactics to help businesses generate leads and sales.

Before starting his career, Seevegen spent six years as a designer and freelancer for Comedy Cult Movies and a coffee company. After a successful career for helping small companies, Seevegen now helps ER Marketing Services with their internal business marketing.

Seevegen enjoys swimming and weightlifting.