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My name is Elizabeth & I'm a content writer and strategist.

With an English Bachelor of Arts Honours degree and over 20 years of professional experience, I specialize in writing and developing strategies for newsletters, blog posts, social media, and WordPress website content and SEO. In addition to these listed, I can accommodate other writing projects as well. 

I intentionally use white space (unless directed otherwise by a client) as it is easier to read and accessible to those who have vision issues.

I’ve worked on content writing and marketing for charities and businesses of all industries and sizes.

After hearing from fellow entrepreneurs that they struggled with engaging with their clients, I decided to start my own business and support businesses with their written needs.

In today’s day and age, if a business is not on social media or represented with a website, prospective clients simply move on to someone else who has one.

Additionally, there is so much information as one scrolls through their feed that they may simply miss what you are putting out.

I can help you be strategic with your marketing efforts by working smarter, not harder. You can also look to me to take this task off your plate so you can focus on getting new clients and fulfilling orders.

Marketing is so much more than standing on the online corner shouting “buy my stuff!”. It’s about building relationships, establishing you as an expert or authority in your industry, and sharing with your audience in a way that will make them keep coming back for more.

Are you ready to connect with your audience in a way that will change your business?


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