As an entrepreneur, there are many tools and programs that can make you more efficient and represent your brand better. Below are some resources we use and think can help you as well.

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Our Resources

Top 6 Things You Need To Have In Your Newsletters

What Type Of Marketing Should You Be Doing For Your Business? Quiz

Take this fun, short quiz to determine where you should go next with your business's marketing.

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The 4 Pages You Need To Get Your Website Live

We’ve put together a Free Guide showing you the biggest website questions every business owner faces AND how to work through them.

yoast for SEO and how to use it and get double green lights

How AI can Boost Your Blog's SEO Performance

Explore the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence in elevating your blog's search engine optimization, driving traffic and maximizing visibility like never before.

Marketing Strategies, FAQ, Content Optimization, Marketing Services, Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Content, agency seo, seo service, seo consultations | ER Marketing Services

How To Set Up The Perfect Blog Post

This simple formula is a complete game-changer designed to fill your blog with amazing posts without you having to break a sweat.

Never fear the blank page again. Research keywords, Competitively price your product, Brainstorm bullet points, Write yoru description, Get your products found in search results.

How To Write A Product Listing

Make writing your Etsy and Website product listings and descriptions easy with these free worksheets!


the podcast collaborative

The Podcast Guest Collaboration Community is a thriving, growing group of podcasters and guests who are looking to work together. This group is an extremely positive place to find the connections and support you are looking for.

women helping women stand out online membership program

Ready to build your business online and get in front of hundreds of thousands of potential clients and customers in your target market? What about learning the marketing essentials you must know to keep current and up to speed each week and engage in monthly, live, virtual masterminds with like-mind entrepreneurs so that you can fast track your business this year and increase revenue and profits?

Productivity Tools

Use Asana to keep all of our program's tasks coordinated and on track. To go beyond planning and get results, use Asana to map, manage, monitor, and discuss your team's projects.

calendly resource

Calendly is a scheduling tool that aims to save time, increase revenue, and boost customer service efficiency. It replaces the outdated method of arranging appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more using email and phone tags.

Dashlane fills in all of our passwords, purchases, and personal information anywhere we need them, on any computer and across the internet. Get 6 months of Dashlane Premium when you use our link.

Client Resource Management System (CRM)

HoneyBook is a service that allows innovative entrepreneurs and freelancers to book more customers, manage projects, and receive payments all in one location. Use our link and save 55% off your subscription.

Web Hosting

Siteground is a WordPress hosting company that comes highly recommended. They are well-known for their excellent customer service, as well as their dependable and fast hosting plans.

Handmade Business Tools

Etsy is an online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. It's also used to sell antique pieces, handcrafted items, paintings, and crafts. If you want to open your own shop on Etsy, use our link and you will get 40 free listings.


Why not get Cash Back when making your online purchases? Rakuten is where we can get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores.