Podcast Guest Appearances

Elizabeth, CEO & Founder of ER Marketing Services, loves to share marketing trends and best practices with entrepreneurs so they can grow their strategy and feel more confident when they promote their business products, services, and stories.

Here are recent Podcasts she’s had the honour of guest appearing on.

Entrepreneurs Taking Action

Episode 035

Christina and Elizabeth discuss how she takes big ideas and fine-tunes the details down to manageable and actionable steps, then figures out how she can promote the final results in multiple ways so you can reach as many people as possible and help them with your solution.

Online Courses That Sell

Quizzes, Free Bundles, and Resource Week Giveaways: How Can You Make Them Work For You?

I know you’re busy over the summer, so let me get straight to the point about why you should listen on the go.
Here’s what we broke down for you…

  • How to choose opportunities that will introduce you to the * right * people for your audience, list and – ultimately – the course you are going to offer them for sale
  • Real-life examples of strategies that really worked for them (and their clients) to get leads through free bundles and resource week giveaways…AND SALES!
  • Where to use quizzes to make sure these new leads stick around for the long haul

Kult Kreator Experience

Season 2, Episode 3: How To Use Storytelling To Market Your Business

Stories are one thing that unites all human beings, no matter where they come from.

We are all drawn to stories, so podcast host, Matt, invited Elizabeth Ruth, owner of Elizabeth Ruth Marketing Service, a company specializing in creating content with a story-first approach.

She challenges solopreneur to show their face in business to build a personal brand.

Matt especially loved her idea of embracing the zero and doing the tasks instead of waiting to be perfect. Elizabeth also shares how she uses data to achieve her business goals without getting overwhelmed.

If you’re new to content creation and are looking to find some inspiration for how storytelling can be used or how to have fun creating content, listen to this episode to hear what Elizabeth has to say.


IAM1409 – Chief Copy Writer Empowers Business Owners to Attract Incredible Clients

Gresham and Elizabeth had a robust discussion. Here are the highlights before you dive in.

  • CEO Story: ‘How can I still help people tell their stories and make a difference in the world that they are in?’ That is the question Elizabeth was asking, after working in the corporate world having a family of her own, and a home daycare. She landed in a marketing agency. Where she could help business owners tell their stories that captivate their target market.
  • Business Service: Digital marketing for the clients, starting with a blog post about a product or service, then making it into a social media post and create an email to the leads.
  • Secret Sauce: Connecting the dots in an engaging way. Maximizing the concept of telling the stories and ideas and putting them into practice.
  • CEO Hack: Systems genius, having a detailed organized workflow for a certain job Asana – app mention.
  • CEO Nugget: Give yourself (as the CEO) permission to experiment. Not just with the concepts, but analyzing on what is working and what’s not.
  • CEO Defined: Freedom to play, learn, help, and do whatever and think outside of the box. Try to reach for possibilities that you dream of.

Coaches on a Mission

Episode 114: Is It Time To Launch A Course?

This episode dives into one of my favorite things to teach about course launches.

Course launching is one of Dallas’s super powers.

There are a lot of steps that must happen in order for your business to reap the benefits of a scaled offering, such as a course — which is why inside The Hive we practice The Ripple Effect System.

Elizabeth came into our conversation with a lot of doubts and specific questions she needed addressed in order to give herself permission to finally launch her course.

If you want to design and launch a course — the right way — grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to take a bunch of notes.

And, now… let’s talk courses, shall we?


Episode 9: Understanding Online Marketing When You Have A New Business

Having a new business means new learnings, explorations, and lessons on various aspects of the industry. One thing to note is the importance of online marketing to your new business. In this week’s episode, Elizabeth Ruth discusses passion projects and how to face the journey of having a new business head-on.

Elizabeth is the Owner and Chief Copy Writer for ER Marketing Services. The agency empowers business owners to attract incredible clients, connect with their audience, and establish their industry authority. Elizabeth and her team specialize in designing marketing strategies and writing content for websites, blog posts, social media, and emails or newsletters.

Let’s all go back to our “why” by listening to BeTru2You’s episode this week!

Stand Up & Stand Out

Episode 30: Marketing Yourself: Interview with Writer and Marketing Expert, Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth shares her journey from selling Mary Kay to creating her own business, ER Marketing Services.

0:00 Intro

1:50  Elizabeth Introduction

6:05 Careers leading to creating her own business

10:05  How Elizabeth found her passion

15:30 Utilizing Social Media

Chasing The Insights

Episode 186: Elizabeth Ruth On Repurposing Content

In this episode of Chasing the Insights, Vince and Elizabeth talk about repurposing digital marketing content to work smarter.

Elizabeth noted a disconnect between the way entrepreneurs described their business in person versus how they were represented online. When she investigated further, she realized in many cases a third party was writing without tapping into the passion or knowledge of the owner or team.

Now Elizabeth and her team specialize in designing marketing strategies and writing content for websites, blog posts, social media, and emails or newsletters. Using an interview-style approach, they are able to craft original stories and details about each business’s products and services that connect with potential buyers and clients.

Course to Cash Flow

Episode 9: Smart Marketing Tips for Building a Buying Audience for Your Course with Elizabeth Ruth

Many new course creators create courses only to realize they have no audience to buy it. This happens because there is no consistent or strategic marketing in place. 

And so the question becomes…How can I build an audience of buyers for my course when I don’t have any marketing in place at all?

In this episode we speak with Elizabeth Ruth of ER Marketing Services to unpack simple mindset shifts and strategies to empower you to begin building an audience of buyers for your course.

Be Intentional

Let’s Talk Marketing with special guest Elizabeth Ruth

In this episode, we talk about marketing with special guest Elizabeth Ruth.

Elizabeth is the Owner and Chief Copy Writer for ER Marketing Services. The agency empowers business owners to attract incredible clients, connect with their audience, and establish their industry authority. Elizabeth and her team specialize in designing marketing strategies and writing content for websites, blog posts, social media, and emails or newsletters.

Business Your Way

Episode 19: The Struggles of a Starting Business

The challenges of new entrepreneurship…

I may have been in business for 20 years, but I vividly remember those early days. Intense they were.

Talking to Elizabeth Ruth brings it all back like it was yesterday.

  • Having to juggle it all. Until it’s clear that you’re becoming the victim of your own success and ACTION is needed.
  • Dedicating every hour of your day to your business. Work-life balance? What’s that?
  • Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and finding out that sometimes all is not as it seems. The secret is ‘courage’.
  • Lack of funds, lack of time, lack of help… Oh, wait! Maybe I could hire staff and get more revenue and…?
  • Allowing yourself the space to figure it out. Including the wins and the disasters. They all lead somewhere. Oh, and… PIVOT!

Sound familiar? This and many other struggles and challenges are the topics of this podcast.

But also… there’s this one question that may help you more than you know.

So go ahead, plug in those earphones and listen to this podcast episode to find out how Elizabeth let the answer to this one fundamental question guide her to success.

Too Legitimate To Quit Podcast

Episode 55: On Reels, Newsletters & Charmed (feat. Elizabeth Ruth)

Do I really have to make reels – and if so, do they have to be so performative and goofy? How frequently do I really need to reach out to my mailing list – and how often am I allowed to be “salesy” before they unsubscribe? With every social media and marketing platform imaginable, how do we know what strategies are right for us?

In this episode, Annie P. hurls these questions and many more at marketing super-genius, Elizabeth Ruth. Elizabeth shares tip after golden tip for putting yourself out there with passion and purpose before unpacking the magical “Power of Three” and the witchy sensation, Charmed. 

Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast

Episode 61: How to Get Started with a Marketing Plan for Your Health Business

We cover why content marketing is important and how it helps service-based and program-based businesses to grow. What kinds of content marketing you should consider for your health and wellness business. The pros and cons of blogging, podcasting, and video. Everything blog related! How often to post, how to find inspiration, and what the perfect blog post structure looks like. Plus bonus tips on how to stand out on TikTok, social media in general, and email marketing. This episode is so good and filled with helpful tips! Go ahead and grab some coffee, hit play, and let’s dive into this amazing interview with Elizabeth.

Prendamano Real Estate Podcast

Episode 73: How To Connect With Your Audience Effectively with Elizabeth Ruth

Through her work with various industry leaders and business owners, it was common for Elizabeth to hear from fellow entrepreneurs that they struggled with engaging with their clients. It was then that she decided to start ER Marketing Services where she could support businesses with their written marketing needs.