One-On-One Sessions

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Are you overwhelmed with all the marketing “things” you should be doing but don’t know where to start

Do you want a brainstorming session to determine a clear direction to get it all done?

If you’re looking for someone to hold you by the hand and walk you through marketing strategies and make a plan with you,  we can help.

Brainstorming Sessions

A La Carte Hourly One-On-One Session

Together we can work through some marketing roadblocks you are having. We can figure out where you are and where you want to be, making a clear plan for which digital marketing path you start with. 

Or perhaps you need to brain dump all of your current and upcoming projects and prioritize them so you have a roadmap to make it all happen in priority order. 

Whatever you need, we are here to be a sounding board, riff ideas with you, and help you leave with a clear direction to move your business in the right direction.

Work Sessions

A La Carte Hourly One-On-One Session

Let’s work together on your project from creating a clear plan to doing some of the steps together. 

These sessions are designed to empower you so that you can continue the tasks and repeat the process on your own.

Project Management

Bi-Weekly or Weekly One-On-One Session

We will brainstorm your marketing goals, break them down into manageable priorities, and have a plan to complete each task in a timely fashion.

Frequent and regular meetings will allow for follow-up and accountability to ensure your business marketing is moving forward.

VIP Strategy Day

5 Hour One-On-One Session

Together we will work through your marketing questions or roadblock.

We will determine a timeline for your goals and make a concrete plan to make things happen in your business.

Our day includes getting to know your business, evaluate your marketing struggle, prepare a plan, and work together on tasks to moving you forward.

The five hours will be booked on one day and will include breaks.

where do We Go From Here?

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