At ER Marketing Services, we pride ourselves on bringing creativity and imagination to marketing. Our number one goal is to inspire, empower, and mentor our clients through designing a strategy and implementing impactful campaigns.

No matter where you are in your business’s marketing, we are here to help you.

Client satisfaction is a top priority. It’s about delivering an amazing end result AND providing an incredible client experience.

Take a peek at the feedback clients have shared after working with our team.

headshot of wakena colon, owner of celebrations remembered

Celebrations Remembered

Website Update

Celebrations Remembered is an event planning and balloon delivery business. After rebranding, the company wanted the website to look new and exciting.

Wakena, owner and lead event planner, hired us to make their website more interesting and easy to use by including a blog, which is a way for them to share ideas and plans.

Now that they have a beautiful, engaging website, Celebrations Remembered can reach out to more people and share their expertise.

“I feel more confident sending folks to my website, as it now represents the true essence of my business. Elizabeth took the time to really understand us and our goals, delivering a website that perfectly aligns with what we want our customers to experience.”

headshot of Julie Denbo, owner of Flora Skinlabs

flora skinlab

Blog Posts

Julie is a skincare enthusiast who is on a mission to help busy moms take a moment to care for themselves.

Together we developed a blog strategy so she could give her clients education on how to best care for their skin. 

One of Julie’s goals was to improve the organic reach of her website. Through a keyword strategy, she is now seeing the number of visitors increasing.


“I reached out to ER Marketing Services because I struggled with not having enough time to do everything. Elizabeth helped me organize what I needed to send to anyone. And it’s starting to drive traffic to my website! It’s priceless for someone to care so much about your business succeeding as you do. She’s GREAT to work with!”

Altus Advantage

blog posts

Stephanie is very environmentally conscious. Her business handcrafts soaps and products to clean your body and home. You can trust that the natural ingredients and packaging she uses are biodegradable and earth-friendly.

Together we designed a plan to educate clients on the products and their effectiveness. You don’t need harsh chemicals to get clean results


ER Marketing Services helped me write my blog posts and make them accessible to everyone by simplifying them. Elizabeth helped me increase my confidence that I will be able to do this. The interview process to write a blog post is simple and fun.

Cali Soiree

website content & social media

Terri is an event planner specializing in children’s parties. Her motto is to give the kids such a good time with wholesome, interactive activities that they’ll beg for a nap when they go home.

We started fine-tuning Terri’s services and offerings on her website.

Once Cali Soiree had a strong message, we were able to craft her social media strategy and posts.


“ER Marketing Services helped me in creating content for my website and helped me build confidence to post on social media. Elizabeth gave my business a voice and helped me articulate what it has to offer. She was able to connect with my vision and bring it to life! Work with Elizabeth because she listens to who you are, what your business is about, and what direction you would like to go! Then she helps you express all of this in a way that is attractive to clients.”

keiondria rainey - photo testimonial

Front & Center Events

website content writing

Keiondria is a super talented event planner who creates one-of-a-kind events that celebrate everyday and milestone occasions. It was a treat to get to work with her to bring her website to life.

With an eye for graphic design, Keiondria was able to seamlessly add the words to her website and it turned out fantastic.


“Elizabeth helped me out so much and we had so much fun working together. So much fun that when I left the office, my husband and daughter asked if we were having a party! I’m looking forward to continuing to work together.”

amy proffitt - photo testimonial


newsletters & social media

Amy is a sewist with a big heart. When the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic hit, she pivoted her accessories business to create face masks for all ages so she could ensure her customers and their families stayed safe in style.

Together we developed a strategy so she could keep her clientele updated on her new masks and other creations. Each week we met for a short interview to really capture her personality in the newsletters. 

After the email was approved, Elizabeth converted the content into social media posts. This way, content is created once but pushed out to many platforms. Talk about working smarter!


“Elizabeth is great to work with. She has the business mindset to help schedule your workflow and the writing abilities to help craft your emails. She will also help you create professional marketing media. If you need that push, she’ll help you through it too. 

When I was having a hard time with a new program, Elizabeth created a video to help me understand the task. Her understanding and knowledge of the system taught me to understand the process. Elizabeth also kept me on track with my weekly emails and scheduling for my collections.  If you need that push, she’ll help you through it too. You’ll enjoy working with her.”

sandra wilson - photo testimonial


one-on-one strategy sessions

Sandra is an author, illustrator, and educator. She came to Elizabeth to help organize her many creative ideas. 

We wanted to make sure that no idea was left behind and that Sandra wasn’t overwhelmed with the goals she set each week. 

After she was comfortable with organizing her tasks, we also created a plan to promote her finished books and unit studies in her emails, social media, and blog.


“Elizabeth helped me learn to structure my timeline so that projects get the right amount of focus, and get finished. 

I used to work in chaos on many things but never seemed to move forward with any of the projects. Now, my business has more of a flow to it. My social media posts are getting more engagement and I have a plan and direction for emails, blogs and further projects. 

I also have more confidence in what I have to say on social media. The fact that it is being read and heard, for someone who didn’t have any sort of plan, is a big win!”

nadia krauss - photo testimonial

Happy Wholesome Life Soul-utions

one-on-one strategy sessions

Nadia and Elizabeth met in a course that they took together. When she decided that she was ready to get more organized in her business, Nadia reached out.

We met weekly on Zoom, set up her onboarding system, and laid out a strategy so she could work through her next steps in priority order. We set deadlines in bite-size chunks so that she didn’t feel overwhelmed by the long to-do list. 

Nadia is on a mission to help women understand their menstrual cycles at each phase of their life.


“I highly recommend working with Elizabeth because she helped me to bridge the gap between big vision/ big picture and detailing the steps to make it come true, which really helped with the overwhelm I was feeling.

She is very good at detailing and structuring next steps. The automation processes that we put into my workflow removed all the anxiety from my booking systems. She also helped with organizing implementation days with like-minded groups and peers. I got so much done!”

Headshot of Helen, owner of Sweet Marie's Event Planning

sweet marie's wedding rentals

one-on-one strategy sessions

Helen is an incredible event planner who needed a strategy for her marketing.

Together we considered her goals and determined where it made sense for her to make a bigger impact through her marketing.

It was was an honour to mentor Helen by showing her how to create a strategy she could put into action. She took everything she learned and her marketing is now helping her meet her business targets.


“I had just started my business and I didn’t know where to start when it came to marketing. After working with Elizabeth, I now have a plan to implement blogs and a newsletter, which will make a big impact on my business. 

I learned the ins and outs of content writing and how to write engaging blogs and newsletters. It’s really helped with getting leads through my social media sites and website, and now I’m not afraid to try something new and think outside of the box. Elizabeth is the perfect person to get your thoughts and put it into a fabulous story or post.”

True Blue Quilts

website & newsletters

Andi is a talented quilter who designs patterns as well as creates and longarm quilts for herself and her clients. 

When we first met, Andi was overwhelmed at the many writing tasks on her plate.

Together we created a strategy to maximize her connection with her audience.


“ER Marketing Services helped me be consistent and make various content pieces together (website, YouTube, and newsletter). She helped me grow my audience! Elizabeth builds my confidence for the continuous growth of my business, and I know that my efforts are dialed into the correct target. Elizabeth guides the conversation and produces beautiful content. It is easy and painless. Writing my newsletter is something I look forward to instead of dread each month!”

Pam Arzinger

arzinger design

emails, blog posts, website updates

Pam’s creations are a reflection of nature, in particular the beach.

Arzinger Design jewelry is versatile, wearable art made with sea glass, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, glass pearls, rhinestones, or specialty metal charms. We combine these elements with gold or silver tones. 

We worked together on a variety of writing projects to connect with clients and business partners. 


“ER Marketing Services helped me in creative writing and connecting with my customers. Thanks to Elizabeth, I no longer “sweep it under the mat” or put it off for another day since I dislike writing. She makes it easy peasy! Elizabeth listens to you and knows how to ask you the right questions so that she can write for you in your own style. It’s magic that she can write for anyone and is an expert at drawing out the knowledge that you have, but you didn’t know how to say it. She stays true to your brand.”

jasemia headshot


website content writing

Jasemia is an event planner and decorator who also offers balloon art services. 

She wanted to take her business to the next level by having a website so she could present a professional image to potential clients.

We worked together to clarify the events she really wants to plan and tell her story to showcase her personality and talents. 


“Before I started working with ER Marketing Services, I was not confident in creating a website for my business. I booked some one-on-one sessions with Elizabeth and she helped me show off my event planning business much better. Now I’m much more confident in my website. Thank you Elizabeth – you’re amazing and know what you’re doing!”

sue headshot

the illuminated cottage

newsletters & social media

Sue is a very talented artist who creates elegant table lamp shades with coordinating bases, fabric nightlights, themed votives, and wire shoe lights.

When she first approached ER Marketing Services, she was looking to keep in touch with past and potential clientele through email newsletters. 

Since then we have also worked together on her social media posts so Sue can focus on what she’s great at – designing new lighting for her Etsy shop!


“I reached out to ER Marketing Services because I needed direction and a strategy to grow my business through my newsletters and social media marketing. Elizabeth created an editorial calendar, which I love! I like being able to go into the spreadsheet to see what’s happening with my social media. Knowing that my emails and posts are being sent out on a regular basis lets me focus on what I love to do – completing new ideas and fine-tuning what’s offered in my shop.

If you are thinking of getting your business or shop to the next level or three, you need Elizabeth. She will explain marketing in bite-size pieces. I’m now able to work several weeks ahead and focus on featuring different parts of my shop. This experience has been a huge help. Thank you!”

flawless events by adriannie

website content writing

Adriannie is an event planner who was struggling to present her service offerings in a way that connected with potential clients.

Together we organized and wrote her website using a selection of keywords that showcase Adriannie’s unique planning style.


“ER Marketing Services helped me express myself through my website, which I had trouble doing before. Elizabeth got me to think about my client’s journey working with me and suggested I include it on my website. Now I feel more organized and confident, and my clients are able to review what working with me is like from start to finish. If you’re looking for help to write your website, I say call Elizabeth and go for it! Let a professional take care of it!”

Pamela Lewis-Boston

Pamela’s Elegant Soirees

website & social media

Pamela is an event planner whose calling is to see her clients happy while they enjoy their celebration with friends, family, and loved ones.

We made sure her business website made readers feel they are an extended family who will create events to honor all the fun times in their life.

Since then we have also created a social media strategy so Pamela can attract those looking for her event services.


“ER Marketing Services helped me get my website up and running and looking professional. Elizabeth helped me make my website interesting with good clean and precise wording. Working with Elizabeth has made me more confident about my work, my website, and for the thought of more clients to book. It was a joy to work with Elizabeth and the way she brought my ideas to life was beautiful.”

Events That Bless

website content writing

Cindy was looking for help with writing her website for her event planning business.

Together we drafted her website content to share Cindy’s passion for planning special events for her clients.

“At first, I didn’t know where to start to get my website up and running. When I connected with ER Marketing Services, I learned how to create content on my own. I’m motivated again and believe in my value. Elizabeth is great! She will make you think hard about things. That is good, though it can be super uncomfortable. The end result is that you become more focused on what you really want to offer and why.

Unique Events by MiMi

website & social media

Jimmicia is an event planner who also creates custom gifts and party favours for her clients.

First, we fine-tuned the details of her services and launched her website. Jimmicia chose Wix and Elizabeth was able to teach her how to use it so she could make updates whenever she needed to.

Next, we designed a marketing strategy and support her monthly social media campaigns.


“Since working with ER Marketing Services, I have learned how to create my website and I’m very happy with how it reads and looks. Elizabeth was very helpful and now I can make changes to my website anytime. Elizabeth is the best and now she helps me with my social media posts each month. If you’re looking to grow your business, you should book a consultation now.”

Stressed Out Mamas

Social Media

Faith’s goal is to support busy moms with a surprise subscription box delivered to them each month.

Together we fine-tuned her marketing strategy and created posts based on her business goals.


“I was having a hard time posting on my social media consistently. ER Marketing Services took so much stress off my plate by doing all the work for me. It was amazing to have Elizabeth interview me for one hour and come up with a whole month’s worth of posts, plan out the photos, and schedule it all out. As a result, my social media following increased and my Instagram looks professional.”

anne russell

Divine Arrangements

marketing strategy & Client onboarding

Anne is an event planner who specializes in weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, plus other celebrations.

Together, we fine-tuned her client onboarding process and gave Anne confidence in using HoneyBook to organize the admin side of her business.

Next, we designed a marketing strategy to support Anne’s online presence and to help her grow her business.


“I found Elizabeth to be very helpful and knowledgeable. After talking with her, I gained a lot of insight into how Honeybook can be used to help streamline the process for clients.

Since our work together, I have changed the flow and worked on improving the client’s experience as well as realized the best method of marketing. Now I have more confidence in onboarding my clients. I loved how Elizabeth helped me make the process easier.”

carrie miller

Carrie Miller Wedding Planner

Social Media

Carrie’s goal was to create an Instagram account for her business and make a plan for her content.

Together we looked at her business goals and designed a strategy for her social media marketing.

“I wanted to create an Instagram account for my business but I was unsure how to write content to express the images. Elizabeth assisted me to set up my business Instagram account. Now I am able to promote my wedding planning services with confidence.

If you’re looking to understand social media better, Elizabeth is knowledgeable and easy to work with. She will guide you through the process and help with any needs you have and answer all your questions.”

adreean shanklin - testimonial

Dani Cymone Events

marketing strategy & Content Creation

Adreean is an event planner who specializes in weddings.

Together, we fine-tuned her marketing plan and decided which content potential clients would most be attracted to. Next, our team wrote blog articles, social media posts, and emails to maximize her digital marketing presence.

Adreean now has a solid plan and her business is represented fully online.


“Before I started working with ER Marketing Services, I didn’t have a marketing plan. Elizabeth showed me how to save time and energy by making social media posts from my blog articles. I gained insight into how to market my business and what to do. It served to be valuable info for my business and now I’m more confident and consistent in how to implement my plan.”

Florence Westeringh testimonial

Embracing Feminine Wisdom

Marketing Strategy & Coaching

Florence is passionate about empowering successful single women who feel exhausted and unappreciated to find a fresh perspective, deeper fulfillment, and joyful rest.

Together we looked at her business pillars and made a marketing strategy for her blog so she could make a bigger impact when she shared how she helps her clients.


“I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth.  She has several options for working with her which means that there is likely one that fits YOUR needs, she has loads of experience, and she takes the time to listen to what you have to say and tailor her responses to your business.  

ER Marketing Services is Canadian (I like to support other Canadians) and Elizabeth is approachable, has a good sense of humour, is not pushy but IS encouraging.  I think you will feel better for working with her and you will feel more capable of managing your business.”

Latieva Hilliard testimonial

Designs by Ooh LaLa

marketing strategy & Content Creation

Designs by Ooh Ooh La La is a full-service planning and event design company specializing in helping people plan, design, and execute all manner of parties, celebrations, and events.

Latieva needed help with her marketing strategy. Together we fine-tuned her business pillars and got her website live and began marketing her event planning business.


“You get what you pay for. If you do not invest by getting someone who has the experience at a high level to get things done, your business will just be another dream or hobby.

Elizabeth’s skill set and knowledge and overall willingness to help in whatever areas that you can has been most appreciated.

I like the communication and how we bounce ideas off of one another. I feel like I am talking with a friend who is helping to achieve my goals.”

Marry Me Atlanta Wedding Chapel: For the Modern Day Bride

Marry Me Atlanta Wedding Chapel

Website SEO Content

Marry Me Atlanta is a luxury wedding venue located in Atlanta, Georgia, catering to the modern bride and groom seeking a uniquely elegant and memorable experience. 

When Marry Me Atlanta wanted to revamp their website content and improve search engine rankings, they turned to ER Marketing Services for assistance.

We conducted an in-depth interview to understand the company’s services and vision. With this information, we then crafted tailored and engaging content, incorporating SEO best practices.

“She’s worth the investment! The revamped content and SEO optimization have truly made a difference for my website, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their online presence.”