Boost Your Brand: Discover the Amazing Results of a Smart Website Redesign

Discover how we transformed Wakena's website redesign during her rebranding journey, making it more engaging and exciting. Get inspired!
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When Wakena Colon, the owner of Celebrations Remembered, decided to rebrand her business, she knew she needed a website redesign as well. She hired ER Marketing Services to help her successfully transform her website into a representation of her brand that she can confidently share with others.

Rebranding Wakena’s Website

In the middle of rebranding her business, it was important that we change the look and feel of her website to make it new and exciting. During this process, Wakena wanted her website to stay interesting and helpful for everyone who visited.

Rebranding a website can be hard, but Wakena knew she needed some help to make her website the best it could be. That’s when she decided to work with our amazing team. We were excited to help Wakena reach her goals and make her website even more awesome.

Website Optimization Through Blog Integration

To give the website an SEO boost, we added a blog. This also lets Celebrations Remembered to share their expertise and ideas about event planning.

Our team added an easy-to-use blog to the website. But that’s not all. We also wrote her first two blog articles.

The new blog optimized the website and made it more interesting and gave her a way to connect with her visitors. Now, Wakena can’t wait to share more blog articles and keep growing her website.

The Results

Wakena now feels more confident when directing potential clients and partners to her website. “I feel better about telling people where they can find me online,” she says.

She also feels the website redesign now aligns with her vision and effectively communicates her brand’s message. “My website was everything and more than I could have imagined for my business. The ER Marketing Services team really captured what I feel and give to my business,” Wakena shares.

With our help, Wakena’s website was given a fresh and up-to-date look while remaining relevant and interesting for all her visitors. We’re so proud of the work we’ve done together and we know Wakena’s business will continue to shine.

Get Your Own Awesome Website

We had a great time helping Wakena with her website redesign, and now it’s your turn! If you want to create a brand new website or update your current one, our Web-In-A-Box service package is an easy and fun way to make your website shine.

Don’t wait any longer – check out our Web-In-A-Box Service Packages today and get ready to create an amazing online presence.

headshot of wakena colon, owner of celebrations remembered

“Working with ER Marketing Services is guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for. Elizabeth will take the time to really understand you and your business before she gets started. Rather than a generic website, you will get one that speaks to what you need folks to understand about your business.”

— Wakena Colon

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