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Entrepreneurs Explain The Essential Skills One Needs To Be A CEO

There are skills you need to adapt to be an effective and efficient CEO, and anyone can be a CEO.

“It’s within everyone’s grasp to be a CEO,” says Martha Stewart. The most common skills are decision making, being the leader of the team, and communication. Some CEOs are born with these skills; others have to acquire them through consistent practice.

As a CEO, you have to remind yourself that it’s not always about you—practice servant leadership in most cases. We asked entrepreneurs what critical skills one must have to be a CEO and here are the awesome responses:

Prioritization Of Work
An essential skill you need as a CEO would be delegating. Prioritizing which tasks make more sense for you to do and which still need to be done but can be implemented by a team member is important. This way, you can focus on the vision of the business and how you will get there instead of getting lost in busy work that leaves you with little to no time or space to think bigger.

Thanks to Elizabeth Ruth, ER Marketing Services!

2022 Marketing Trends and Predictions from Business Experts: Part Two

We asked business leaders and experts what marketing trends and predictions they had for 2022. Here are their answers to help you get a jump start on growing your business in the new year. 

Elizabeth Ruth, CEO & Chief Copy Writer, ER Marketing Services
One of the biggest marketing trends in 2022 is getting on board with the use of short videos. Marketing has evolved over the past two years, with people being fatigued with static posts. Most platforms have started to integrate these short videos, such as YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels and even LinkedIn stories. 

It seems that short videos now have really grabbed the attention of people, short videos being 60 seconds maximum. The nature of these short videos, being able to go through a lot of them in a short period, is what makes them very popular. That is a way to concisely get one point across in a really fun and engaging way.

Remote Work: Elizabeth Ruth Of ER Marketing Services On How To Successfully Navigate The Opportunities & Challenges Of Working Remotely Or From Home

Career development is the ongoing process of choosing, improving, developing, and advancing your career. This involves learning, making decisions, collaboration with others and knowing yourself well enough to be able to continually assess your strengths and weaknesses. 

This can be challenging enough when you work in an office, but what if you work remotely? How does remote work affect your career development? How do you nurture and advance your career when you are working from home and away from other colleagues? How can you help your employees do this? 

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23 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog for Business

The Blogosphere is here and it is not going anywhere. It’s not just for people talking about what they’re eating for lunch or their next celebrity crush. Blogging is big business for entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog Nation has a blogging community and we regularly blog for entrepreneurs and business owners and there are numerous reasons to blog. Rescue a CEO asked some businesses how they use blogging to help their business.

46 Insights From Marketers and CEOs on 2022 Marketing Trends

Marketing has been rapidly evolving because of technology’s fast-changing nature. Digital marketing has also grown massively because of quarantine measures due to COVID-19.  In anticipation of the following year, we surveyed marketing experts about their insights from the past few years and their predictions for 2022.

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Woman Wednesday: Elizabeth

Q and A with Elizabeth, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

“Your passion isn’t always obvious.”