6 Awesome Ideas For Your Email Newsletter Theme

Wondering how to give your newsletter an extra bit of flair? Here are 6 awesome ideas for your email newsletter theme that will give it a fresh look!
6 Awesome Ideas For Your Email Newsletter Theme

Alright, everyone, it’s time for another round-up. This time it’s about newsletter themes. Previously, we talked about ways to keep your newsletter layout clean and clear. This article, however, is totally about looks.

We’ll go over some sleek and snazzy layouts for sales newsletters, business to business (B2B), and other kinds of content. Who knows, there might be some overlap too!

Top Secret Tip: Places like Canva and Pinterest are your best bets for inspiration. Here are the highlights:

Special Day Sale Newsletter Theme

JCPenney Mothers Day product image newsletter theme

From retailer JCPenney, this email highlights items for sale that are colour-coded with the letters MOM for Mother’s Day.

This ties their products together with their branding without making them look cluttered. It’s a great style to mimic to showcase products if you’re doing a sales newsletter.

Highlight Your Products

Starbucks Just Add Ice newsletter theme

Starbucks brings with this one the constant reminder that coffee and tea keep the world productive.

Superimposing text on a background image works well in almost all cases. This is especially well done in this one with the right-left-right staggering of the image hooks. It keeps the reader engaged at the start and end of each text segment.

Use it to showcase products that you want to give an extra bit of attention to.

Simplicity At Its Finest

PixelBuddha simple newsletter theme

Pixelbuddha also has a wide variety of other HTML templates, but this one is minimalist heaven on a webpage.

It incorporates the whitespace of the page into the theme as part of a two-and-a-half colour palette.

This also means that you get lots of room to add more content to your newsletter if you need to.

This style is great for business-to-business (B2B) newsletters or for someone who wants more space.

Magazine Style That Works

Canva Oddball E-News newsletter theme

This one comes courtesy of Canva’s template library and is great for showcasing written content with fewer images.

You still get the nice, big header image, with an overview section on the right. Then you get straight to the content on the first page.

This one is great for digest formats that want to cover more than one topic per newsletter.

You can also use the table of contents section on the right for your socials or other highlights.

High Contrast With Modern Flair

Canva Unorthodox newsletter theme

Also courtesy of Canva, this two-column, high contrast theme gives equal attention to both columns.

Additionally, because it’s a black-and-white palette, any image that you use is almost guaranteed to pop off the page.

This is a great layout for covering multiple pieces of content in one newsletter and to give it a modern feel.

Balanced Geometry Newsletter Theme

Station Seven neutrals newsletter theme

From Station Seven, this theme is amazing for picture-focused newsletters.

The neutral palette and simple shapes don’t necessarily make things pop but keep an amazing flow between content.

The showcase style also shows that you don’t need to be selling hard product to promote your business.


Whether you want something with pop, contrasting modernity, or just a nice-looking newsletter, we hope that you drew inspiration from some of these themes.

Remember to make them yours, though! Your brand is your base and you should absolutely tweak things to fit what you want from them.

Looking for new sources of content for your newsletter? Here’s a roundup of our The 5 Best Spots To Get Newsletter Content Ideas.

6 Awesome Ideas For Your Email Newsletter Theme
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