11 Valuable Time Management Apps

Following a set schedule is the need of the hour nowadays. Here are 11 valuable time management apps that can help in saving those extra minutes.
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Smartphones have stepped into letting people become more managed and disciplined with time management apps and tools that can be useful in personal, as well as professional life.

Technology is truly a benefit when it comes to time management tools and apps. Some apps can certainly aid in the process of sorting your time as well as keeping you disciplined and maintaining focus.

These apps can make our lives smooth, but it is our determination and willpower that make these apps successful. There is no point in installing time management apps and not using them. Even if you spend time setting them up, implementation is highly important.

Start With These Time Management Apps

The list includes many apps and tools. Each one has its uniqueness.

  • Focus Keeper: With the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, it is designed to let the user stay focused and not heat up with the pressure of the work.
  • Smarter Time: It is an attractive and motivating time management app to let people manage time, focus, relax, view analytics of the time usage, and set automated goals. It can automatically build a timeline of the life of the user.
  • Time Tune: It helps optimize the time. It provides an opportunity to set the right routine and helps schedule things easily.
  • Habit Tracker: It says ‘Change your habits, organize your life.’ It truly helps in good habit formation which ultimately helps in managing time.
  • Toggl: It helps a person to monitor and evaluate the time spent on a particular task. Tracking time spent on various projects is easy with it.

Planner Apps To Organize Your Tasks

Apart from time management apps, many apps let people insert their everyday tasks. It helps them to remember things, listen to the alarm buzz as a reminder, and not skip important events. 

  • Evernote: Be it images, voice notes, or written ideas, Evernote helps to jot down all the things. It is an effective productivity and memory assisting time management app.
  • Habit Now: This app lets people insert their daily routine activities and habits. Developing a good habit is easy with this app.
  • ToDoList: It is an attractive app that provides categories such as personal, shopping, work, etc. under the ‘all lists’ option. It lets an individual put in the to-do tasks.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Without relying only on time management apps, sorting and organizing can also help to save a lot of time.

Keeping the data at a safe point makes life hassle-free. Therefore, such apps should be used to stay stress-free in terms of data backup or data storage.

  • Dropbox: Time management skills come along with organization too. Dropbox lets people save and share important files which can be placed in one spot. Otherwise, a lot of time is wasted in searching and sending the stuff.
  • GoodSync: Lost files and material adds to stress, wastes time, and affects productivity. This app lets to sync files and provides the facility of keeping sub-folders to let the material stay sorted and organized.
  • MindNode: It is supportive of mind mapping. It also helps to share documents with others. In short, this time management app is suitable for enhancing focus too.


Developers have provided lots of time management tools and apps nowadays. We hope our list will let you choose the best one(s) that suits your needs.

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