How To Choose Among Different Project Management Methodologies

Choosing the right strategy to tackle a problem is essential for success. Learn which is the best among six different project management methodologies.
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Out of tons of project management methodologies, choosing the most appropriate one can be confusing.

There isn’t a user’s manual to figure out the best methodology for managing a particular project. Many times, previously applied project methodologies work, and many times exists room for new methodologies.

There are many ideas and principles to consider when choosing a suitable methodology. Mostly, it is past experience that plays the most important role in determining how to best proceed.

What Is A Project Management Methodology?

Project Management Methodologies are a framework, basic idea, or guide to organize a project and extract the most out of it. 

However, merely having the layout won’t work.

You and your teammates need to execute it efficiently and with the best available resources.

The success of a methodology depends upon the commitment of the team, leadership, usage of the resources, and follow-up review after the project is complete.

Scrum, APF, And Lean Project Management Methodologies

First, let’s take a look at the Scrum Methodology. This style of project management divides work into sprints or short spans of one to two weeks. A scrum master takes the lead of the sprint. If the team isn’t fully committed to this style of project work, it can fail miserably.

Next is the Adaptive Project Framework or APF Methodology. A dedicated team will actively respond to unexpected tasks or decisions. The APF Methodology is not recommended for those who want predictability.

Finally, the Lean Methodology focuses on reducing the wastage of resources, excessive and unwanted production, and pressure either on the humans or on the machinery. Other names for these processes are Muda, Mura, and Muri respectively.

New, Waterfall, And Critical Path Project Management Methodologies

For those who wish to launch a new product and introduce it to people, the New Project Introduction Methodology is one to consider. From evaluation to the testing of the product, it includes almost everything that is required in the journey of the launching. However, it can work only if efficient cross-communication exists.

The Waterfall Methodology moves one phase of the project to another only if the first phase has been successfully done. It works great in the field of construction projects.

Finally, the Critical Path Method suggests planning out the path for the completion of the project. It includes listing, structure, and period of the steps involved in the project to determine the completion of the project.


Project Management Methodologies assist a project manager in getting the best results for each plan.

For the most effective and efficient results, you should consider the following methodologies and consider which would be the most suitable choice according to each project.

Also note that results can vary from project to project as no two projects or two teams are the same.

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