Asana – How To Use This Free Project Management Tool

Learn more about the revolutionary Asana tool. It not only helps manage your project workflow but also helps efficiently divide tasks among team members.
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Asana is an efficient, easy-to-use free management tool. It’s the icing on the cake during the chaotic journey of project management.

This project management tool ensures your workflow is smooth. From activity tracking to organizing a team, Asana is a key tool to support project management.

What Is The Asana Tool?

According to Wikipedia, “Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.”

It is made to simplify team-based work but can also be used by solopreneurs who need to manage multiple deadlines.

Asana makes it easy to shuffle between activities and projects to track them in one spot. Above all, following up on deadlines is quick and easy to do.

Some main features of the Asana tool are:

  • It helps to carry on projects as per schedule.
  • Tracking progress and knowing the loopholes becomes easy.
  • It offers break-free communication.
  • Reports, feedback, and project-related details are easy to fetch, immediately.

Asana Is A User-Friendly Tool

Using the Asana tool for project management allows the team lead to assign team members tasks and let collaborators join in for input. You can easily attach files up to 100 MB to share them with the team working on a particular project.

Asana provides space for the team to comment and specifically tag a particular person for immediate feedback and keeps the lines of communication open.

It is easy to make a timetable and see which tasks are due and which are complete. Moreover, if the team has more than one project and it somehow relates to the present project, the team can collaborate to discuss the work.

The Asana tool is available on both desktop and mobile devices. It provides easy options of My Tasks, Inbox, Assign a Task, and Projects. Also, the option of Board allows the user to organize work similar to sticky notes throughout the columns.

A Team Project Management Tool

Be it a construction team trying to manage work sprints and sudden changes in one go, or a human resource manager trying to onboard new employees, Asana can make workflows repeatable and keep the tasks on track.

The Asana tool is a great resource for keeping company policies and other information easily accessible and in priority order.

For those involved in sales and marketing, this is a beneficial tool to stay organized. Managing content, campaigns, copies, events, launches, growth reports, sales, and clients, becomes second nature with this productivity tool.


Finally, you can sign up for a free or paid Asana account with a personal or official work email address. After logging in to your account, you will see your entire workplace, projects, and tasks at a glance. You can organize them according to your preferred view as a list, calendar, or board.

Overall, the Asana tool is undoubtedly a better and less hectic method of project management all in one place. No more shuffling and struggling with tons of work on various platforms!

Now that we’ve shown you how you can manage your team and their tasks and projects, let’s look at keeping everything moving forward. Check out our tips in The Importance Of Daily Scrum Meetings.

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