The Importance of Daily Scrum Meetings

What is a scrum? What are sprints? What is their significance in project management? And most importantly, why are daily scrum meetings so important?
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Daily scrum meetings help a team stay up-to-date on the progress of a project.

A team of ten or fewer works to achieve a common goal.

The decided periods to complete goals are known as sprints. The sprints occur anywhere from few weeks up to a month, but not more than that.

During sprints, the team actively participates in the daily scrums which are short meetups for a fixed amount of time.

What Are Daily Scrum Meetings?

Scrum meetings are helpful to evaluate the progress of the sprint goal. Daily stand-ups are meetings that take place while standing up, and hence are quick and productive in nature.

Usually, scrum meetings majorly focus on discussing the previous efforts put towards the sprint goal. They also focus on anticipated future efforts, ongoing progress, and the evaluation of obstacles while achieving the sprint goal.

The Daily Routine Of Scrum Meetings

According to The 2020 Scrum Guide, daily check-ins assist teams and organizations come up with adaptive solutions for complex issues.

Lead by the Scrum Master, the meetings are short, usually fifteen minutes long. They take place at the same time and in the same place to keep things simple. 

These meetings help to improve focus, better communication, and support in the immediate decision-making for team members.

Need For Daily Scrum Meetings

The daily scrum meeting bridges the gap between previous and upcoming efforts. They are necessary to optimize the team’s collective efforts towards the sprint. 

The Scrum Master, along with the development team, organizes the daily scrum meeting on a schedule, with a set time. If a member skips the meeting, rather than postponing it, the team proceeds ahead so that there is no obstruction or delay.

To streamline the efforts of teammates, realize possible difficulties, and carry a smooth workflow, these meetings should be held when the team is undergoing a particular sprint.

For tracking progress, immediate responses and decisions, working upon the loopholes, engaging the teammates with each other, and letting all the teammates move towards one specific sprint goal, daily scrum meetings are very important in the field of project management.


Daily scrum meetings or stand-ups aren’t to solve the issues of the project. Rather, they create a background for the teammates to proceed ahead for the problem solving after a healthy and productive discussion in the daily meeting. These meetings update the team on the steps and progress towards the sprint goal and possible hindrances.

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