The 5 Best Spots To Get Newsletter Content Ideas

Looking for new sources of content for your newsletter? Here's a roundup of our top 5 spots to get that content on your newsletter.
The 5 Best Spots To Get Newsletter Content ideas

At this point in the newsletter series, you’ve absolutely nailed down the design of your newsletter. You might have even sent out your first few newsletters to your mailing list! You’re writing and planning and sending, but with something lurking in the back of your head.

What if you eventually run out of ideas? Well, we have just the article for you then. Here’s a round-up of our top five best spots to get newsletter content ideas.

Naturally, the actual content of the newsletter will be things that your company is doing. These are gigantic brain dumps of things to talk about that might have gone under your radar mid-process. So consider this a reference list of our favourite reference lists!

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has their 50 Must-Have Content Ideas for Your Email Marketing Newsletter.

This list is amazing because it crunches their 50 items into six sections of things to include.

You can use these ideas to make a digest-style newsletter that talks about a spread of your content, or you can choose to focus on one item at a time.

Regardless, this is a great generalist list that anyone with a newsletter can use.


Pinpointe’s list of 30 Fresh and Fun Ideas For Your Newsletter covers some of the basics as well, but also gives some other entertaining ideas.

In addition to hard content, they also suggest talking about events, social engagement, promotions, and “fun ideas” if you want a more casual newsletter.

This list is worth a look at if you think you want to do something more relaxed and fun for one of your newsletters.


BananaTag’s idea list is for 28 Employee Newsletter Content Ideas That Will Boost Engagement.

In other words, they want to teach you how to get your coworkers to read your morning update emails.

Getting good at writing and presenting these emails can have a huge impact on your work culture. Good employee newsletters can really increase motivation and internal engagement.

A lot of these tips can also be applied to client emails too, especially their ideas about including surveys and important FAQ sections.


In their 27 Newsletter Ideas You Can Use to Engage Your Readers post, ActiveCampaign focuses on the things that you can do for your client in your newsletter content.

Highlights include testimonials, holiday-themes newsletters, and responses to industry news.

There are also some interesting “hot take” ideas that they mention for newsletters, and it’s definitely worth checking out.


Business-to-business newsletters can be tricky to refine, but Act-On’s list of 10 Great Ideas to Improve Your B2B Email Newsletter has some great ideas on how to make them more functional.

When you’re marketing to another business, there are some great ideas like curating your content to the specific customer or implementing “customers-only” content.


So there you have it, our round-up of our top five best spots to get newsletter content ideas, with the following:

Are you still working on defining what makes your newsletter yours? Check out our How To Set Up And Use Creative Newsletter Templates article.

The 5 Best Spots To Get Newsletter Content ideas
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