Top 20 Work From Home Productivity Hacks

Working from home may be by choice or beyond your control. Either way, here are 20 tips to improve your productivity while working in a home office.
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Work from home is the new trend! Covid-19 might have ruined many things but it flourished the home-based work culture and freelancing.

Today, the market is flooded with jobs you can do out of your home. Success rate, mental peace, and satisfaction depend upon the way people perform these jobs from the comfort of their homes.

“Every coin has two sides” is an old phrase. It might be old but it’s applicable in the present. If you’re not used to managing your time well, it could be easy to get overwhelmed. Sound like you? Keep reading for our productivity hacks.

Create A Work From Home Office

Work from jobs don’t provide a traditional office.

Rather than sometimes working on the kitchen countertop, sometimes in the garden, sometimes on the bed, and sometimes on the sofa, it is advisable to assign one particular space in your home to your office work. 

Choose the spot with the least disturbance, proper ventilation, and good light to stay energized.

Also, if possible, place your workstation away from the family members or other distractions.

Keep A Clear Workstation

Clutter spread all over your workstation is in the form of documents and folders will only waste time if you don’t clean up right after you are done using them.

Along with it, you should never let your work station become home to germs, bacteria, and allergens.

Let your desk be just a clean and hygienic desk! You can do this by not eating at your workplace.

Take Time For You

One of the best work from home productivity hacks is to take some “me-time”. It will energize and prepare you to meet deadlines easier.

You can take out some time to plug in earphones and listen to songs or motivational talks.

Heal your tired brain through meditation which will help strengthen cognition.

Take out some time for stretching exercises while working from home. This will prevent cervical, neck pain, or stiffness from becoming a hindrance.

Even better, after getting up, drink water to help you stay hydrated.

Also, remember to set a fixed time for lunch so you aren’t as likely to snack at odd times throughout the day.

Plan, Communicate, And Don’t Overthink!

It is highly important to plan things and make a balance between your comfortable home life and working from home. If it seems difficult, let planner diaries and apps help.

Communication with your team and boss matters. It leaves fewer chances of reworking and re-submission requests for projects.

Having strict working hours for work from home jobs is essential. Your mind will be able to distinguish when it’s time to concentrate on tasks versus when you get to relax and recharge.

Also, fixed work hours will prevent you from working till late at night and developing sleep issues.

As we mentioned before, plan to take short breaks and avoid continuous working throughout the day. This will help you maintain the self-discipline required so you stay on top of your tasks and deadlines.


You can easily stay productive when you work from home if you remember the following productivity hacks:

  1. Assign a spot for the workstation.
  2. Choose a workspace that energizes you.
  3. Choose a spot away from family or distractions.
  4. Organize your workstation.
  5. Organize your laptop.
  6. Clean your desk.
  7. No eating on the desk.
  8. Me-time is important.
  9. Meditate.
  10. Stretch often.
  11. Stay hydrated.
  12. Eat healthily.
  13. Use planner diaries.
  14. Don’t let comfort overpower.
  15. Communicate with your team.
  16. Don’t overthink.
  17. Set fixed working hours.
  18. No late-night work.
  19. Take short breaks.
  20. Keep up with your tasks and deadlines.

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