How To Write The Perfect Sales Email

Low client engagement bringing you down? Here's some advice on how to write the perfect sales email.
How To Write The Perfect Sales Email

Anyone who subscribes to a sales email list knows that they can be either hit or miss. They can be incredibly engaging and appealing or just seem like a public relations gimmick.

As much as you may want to top-load your business emails with promotions and product details, they may actually end up turning some customers away. They might even avoid opening further emails from you!

Here are our tips on writing the perfect sales email. This doesn’t necessarily just apply to cold emails – it’s a series of tips that will enhance all of your emails.

We’ll be focusing on both content and presentation, so let’s get at it!

Get Right Into It

You shouldn’t be afraid to get right into your message when writing a sales email.

While beating around the bush might be a good strategy in some cases, it’s often best to lay out what you’re selling from the start.

It can also get grating if your current and prospective clients must read through four paragraphs of text before they know what you’re trying to sell.

This can be as simple as identifying the solution or product your company is selling in the first few sentences.

Give them your elevator pitch and get on for the rest of your email.

Don’t Ask For A Lot In Your Sales Emails

Think under promise and over deliver when you explain exactly what you will provide in a clear and concise manner.

You don’t want to overload your sales email with too many requests or calls to action. Tailor the email to what you can provide and keep the messaging behind it equally concise.

Clients don’t want to read a page out of your company handbook to find out what you’re selling them. They want to hear how what your selling can solve their problem, and what they must do to get that solution.

Media Is A Great Message

Consider embedding a piece of media-based promotional material for the relevant item you’re selling in your sales email can keep the client reading.

This can be an elevator pitch style recording for your product or an infographic of your solutions workflow.

Sales emails can be more than text and a snazzy header, so make the most of your business’s multimedia capabilities and assets.

It can also be fun to get into a design program and tailor-make infographics and media assets for your sales emails. Creating your own assets can be incredibly satisfying and help make strides in establishing your brand.

Make Your Signature Count

Consider the following sales email signature:

Jane Doe

ABC Incorporated


This doesn’t exactly scream exciting sales representatives or marketers.

Use your branding assets to give your signature some flair. Include a picture of yourself and maybe change the text colour to something that’s on-brand. Don’t be afraid to use a more exciting font either.

Using a more engaging signature can help clients feel more comfortable with who they’re talking to. Putting a face to your name makes it just that much more personal.


When it comes to crafting the perfect sales email, there’s a lot of must haves, but these tips are what can make it perfect:

  • Get right into it
  • Don’t ask for a lot
  • Media is a great message
  • Make your signature count

Nutshell also has a great example of a cold email that exemplifies all of these tips. You can use these tips for cold emails or any kind of sales email or newsletter.

Now that you’ve mastered the email and newsletter, it’s time to work smarter, not harder. Here’s our explainer of Why Automating Emails Is Best For Your Business.

How To Write The Perfect Sales Email
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