5 Great Resources For Writing Catchy Newsletter Subject Lines

Can't seem to get those clicks on your newsletter? Here are our top five resources for writing catchy newsletter subject lines.
5 Great Resources For Writing Catchy Newsletter Subject Lines

Your newsletter subject line is the first thing that the reader sees when your newsletter arrives in their inbox.

It’s the part of your newsletter that leaves the first impression. So, it’s important that it’s catchy, engaging, and possibly eye-grabbing.

Don’t stray too far from the subject though, the reader should still have an idea about what they’re opening.

Do you have your newsletter being released on schedule?

Are you happy with your content?

Confused why your open and clicks aren’t increasing?

Here’s our list of five great resources for writing catchy newsletter subject lines that may improve your open rates.

Be A Newsletter Subject Line Superhero

Campaign Monitor has assembled a list of sample newsletter subject lines that fall under different categories.

Whether you want trendy, controversial, urgent, or even offer FOMO-based headlines for sales, they probably have a sample worth looking at.

Each heading also has a short explainer as to how the style works.

You can use the information and examples to craft one of your own that meets your needs.

Optimize Your Newsletter Subject Line

Smart Insights wrote Email Subject Lines Optimization Hacks For Better Open Rates. This article lists some awesome tools for helping refine your newsletter subject game.

It includes apps like Hemingway to simplify your writing and advice on how to improve your own style to make your subject lines catchier.

Additionally, they include tools to help optimize your newsletter releases in general and give some background data on why catchy subjects are the best subjects.

Uplers wrote an article, Email Subject Line Trends To Pay Attention To In 2019, that highlights the most usable and important of these trends.

To be fair, 2019 isn’t that far into the past, and a lot of the email subject trends that were prevalent then are still relevant now.

The top half of this article has a lot of great ideas about integrating newsletter subject lines with other aspects of your newsletter.

This includes subtitling your emails and mobile device optimization.

Newsletter Subjects That Increase Your Open Rates

In their The 9 Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates article, WordStream lists the typical best-practices listicle.

It goes extremely in-depth with examples and explainers for how to make sure that you’re making the most out of your subject lines.

It’s basically a critical analysis of the dos and don’ts of each style of a subject line, with an added mini how-to at the end of the post.

Great examples, great explanations.

Best Newsletter Subject Lines Round-Up

In their post 31 of the Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Ever Seen, HubSpot makes the odd choice of putting the full list of newsletter subjects at the top.

This works because a lot of their top 31 really makes you wonder why they’re good. 

Good thing that the article goes into detail as to why each of their selections is catchy and engaging.

Even the most clickbait-ish of the subject lines end up having some great, applicable qualities that you can use.


To round up our round-up, we have the following resources for writing catchy newsletter subject lines:

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5 Great Resources For Writing Catchy Newsletter Subject Lines
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