How Strong Annual Goals Can Help Plan Your Year

Not sure about how to factor in the long-term for your small business? Here’s some advice on how to use annual goals to plan your year.
How Strong Annual Goals Can Help Plan Your Year

A lot of times goal setting isn’t focused on annual goals but on short-term achievements such as making deadlines. However, running a small business and focusing on the short goals can cause you to lose focus on what you’re all about.

Setting overarching annual goals can help you focus your day-to-day tasks moving you towards a larger achievement. Here is some advice on how making strong annual goals can help you plan your year.

Goals Give Your Business Focus

It’s always good to start with a list of goals for planning your year. High-level annual goals will allow you to better organize the smaller ones on your list.

Figure out what needs to be done to hit the targets for your big annual goal and sort your smaller ones into those categories.

Once that is done, you’ll have a plan for each of your business’s areas that will still accommodate work towards your annual goal.

Your business will also know exactly what its small and large purposes are throughout the year. It will also be able to present your clients with a clear definition of what it can provide them outside of your mission statement.

Annual Goals Should Always Reflect What Worked

New annual goals should always be reflective of your previous successes. To that end, you should always look at what areas of your business were the most successful. Similarly, you should also consider areas that you want to improve.

The annual goal should then define the growth you want to make in those areas.

If you determine that you need to put more effort into one area over another, it will help you plan action meetings or outreach for that goal.

This retrospect will also let you know which areas can be scaled back a bit more.

An area of your business that used to be a juggernaut might be taking a downturn for the past year. You can then redistribute efforts from that to an area that needs it more.

Goals Guide Your Plan

Entrepreneur’s Plan Your Business Plan explains that organizing your business with an annual goal will help all those smaller pieces come together. It will also focus your plan for things external to your business as well. 

This includes financing, how you’re going to use your plan, and how your company’s potential factors into your goals.

A lot of this advice can help plan both your annual goals and your business’s year. They are all things that need to be accounted for a strong annual goal and will ensure that your business stays organized and on track.


In summary we have the following quick tips for how strong annual goals can help plan your year:

  • They give your business a sense of itself
  • Annual goals should always reflect what worked
  • They help plan your plan

These points are ways to use your annual goals to plan your year as well as how to use them to plot out your lower-level goals for your year’s work.

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How Strong Annual Goals Can Help Plan Your Year
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