10 Stress Relieving Activities

Check out these effective stress relieving activities which will help you reduce the level of anxiety you may experience in your daily life.
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Stress and anxiety are common problems that exist in almost all of our lives, however different our experiences may be.

With our hectic lifestyles, taking care of ourselves is more necessary than ever. No matter how rich, healthy, or happy you are, stress will always find its way into your everyday life.

I believe we are all aware of the do’s and don’ts of stress and the effective stress-relieving activities to follow, but somehow we fail to implement them when needed the most.

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to balancing your life. Here are 10 easy stress-relieving activities that you can fit into your daily lifestyle.

Listen To Calming Music

Peaceful music is an effective way of reducing stress levels.

Take a break from your daily chores, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, light a candle, and relax on your cozy couch while listening to some soft music that soothes you.

Keep the volume moderate and relax.

You can also look up calming music sessions on YouTube and choose whichever you like the most!


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that involves breathing techniques, meditation, and certain physical movements.

For thousands of years, people perform yoga to reduce stress and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has received a lot of attention globally recently.

Practice yoga for about 30 minutes every day; you will start noticing changes in your stress level in a week.

Check out this blog of stress relieving yoga postures Yoga for Inner Peace: A Stress-Relieving Sequence

Take A Bath

Take a long bath at least two times a week. This will help your body feel refresh, kind of like rebooting a computer.

Add some fragrant soap or few drops of essential oil, light candles, and play some calming music for an extra special treatment.

Women’s Health Magazine has a list of 8 Ingredients for the Best Bath Ever that may help inspire your relaxation session.


Meditate for at least ten minutes a day. This will help you reduce your stress level and decrease anxiety.

The best way to meditate is to sit on the floor or your carpet with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. You will be surprised by the benefits of meditation.

If you need some guidance, Mindful has an article that explains How to Meditate.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Good quality of sleep is a necessity for every human being. We underestimate this part of our routine often.

Understandably, sometimes it is difficult to get the proper amount of rest when you are stressed, but that does not mean that you can ignore that.

Getting proper rest improves your mental and physical health as well.

If you are having difficulty sleeping at night, you can try meditating or taking a warm shower before bedtime. Still not able to get a good night’s sleep? Healthline shares 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night and WorkoutCave shares ten Tips To Get More Sleep.

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Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Spending time with your family and friends generally brings you happiness and comfort.

Support from them will help you get through stressful times.

Take some time out every week to go out on a coffee or dinner with one or more friends and family.

Need more ideas? Yellow Pages shares 8 Ways To Spend Time With Loved Ones And De-Stress Your Life.

Write About Your Feelings

Sometimes you prefer to keep things to yourself. Writing these things down in a diary will let you get if off your chest without actually telling someone about them.

You might also like to write about things you are grateful for. Focusing on positive things in your life will help you relieve some stress off you.

Sharon Martin gets you started with The Power of Gratitude: 30 Gratitude Journal Prompts.

Watch A Funny Show

Watch one episode of a comedy show that you like. It will help you take your mind off from stressful things for a while, and you will feel refreshed.

You can also watch funny videos; laughter is one of the best ways to reduce the physical effects of stress.

Check out WatchMojo’s Top 20 Funniest Videos That Broke the Internet.

Eat Your Favourite Food

It is okay to treat yourself to your favourite food once in a while.

Food can make you happy and calm, especially when it is your favourite dish, dessert or sweet.

Academy of Culinary Nutrition shares 16 Mood Boosting Foods to inspire your next meal or snack.

Go For A Walk

Make time to take a short walk every day.

Nature will boost your mental health and increase levels of serotonin in the body.

Breathing fresh air will calm your body and mind.

Download Chatelaine’s collection of The Ultimate Walking Playlist to listen to on your next hike.


Although your workplace and personal life may turn out to be stressful, the bottom line is that there are many easy ways to reduce the anxiety you feel.

We hope our tips will go a long way in helping you reduce your stress and improve your overall life balance.

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