Unlock Success: How Personality Assessments Can Revolutionize Your Business Strategy

Unlock success with personality assessments! Learn how understanding buying styles can revolutionize your business's sales strategy.
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Are you ready to unlock success with personality assessments?

Sales Is A Numbers Game

How many of you have heard the phrase, Sales is a Numbers Game? I’ve heard it many times and my professional training has never been in sales. 

Sales are much more a people-decoding exercise than anything else. There are numbers in that, but let me not get ahead of myself. I’ll show the numbers later.  Now there is research that validates the above statement. But, if you will indulge me for a moment to highlight a bit of my journey, I’ll share.

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How Personality Assessments Helped Me Understand Communication and Sales

I’ve spent my entire professional career working to understand how people communicate (or don’t). I think I was drawn to this because I grew up in a rather “stoic” family of Scandinavian heritage. Words were minimal. Communication was often mysterious actually. Misunderstandings were common. 

In my twenties, I became fascinated when I discovered personality science. My first exposure was the “Everything DiSC©” personality assessment tool which illustrates how people are wired SO differently. Thus, the misunderstanding was statistically bound to occur often.

Several certifications and a few decades later, I launched my business in training. None of the personality assessment tools at that time were 100% dialled into my area of struggle – SALES.  As a solopreneur at the time, I was the only one driving sales, which were essential. Then, I discovered a tool called B.A.N.K., a personality assessment tool that was research validated to predict buying behaviour in less than 90 seconds. My inner nerd became SO happy!

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy

The well-known personal development guru, Tony Robbins is quoted as saying “Let your prospect determine your presentation”.  Absolutely.  If only there was a quick way to do so! 

Most tools require a prospect to buy and then spend 15-60 minutes to complete them. Not a fit for a sales scenario. Millions of people take personality assessments annually. B.A.N.K. is the first personality science tool to focus on the science of buying behaviour.  That’s why this tool is getting notable recognition globally.

Don’t use a script and a template – respect your buyer more than that. Let their “language style dictate how you approach communicating with your prospect. Below is a graphic with a quick breakout of what each letter in the B.A.N.K. methodology represents.

Blueprint Action Nurture Knowledge (personality assessment image 03)

The Power of Understanding Buying Styles

Without understanding who is in front of you, it’s common to use your own preferred style as your default. However, that has a one in 25% chance of actually succeeding, since 75% of the population is different than you.

Research from the Chally Group pinpoints that only 18% of buyers who have a different personality style than the person selling get to the sale. When a seller can quickly understand a prospect’s “buying style” preference, those numbers change by up to 300%.

"Only 18% of buyers will buy from a salesperson who doesn't match the buyer's personality type vs 83% success when the personality types are aligned." Chally Group (personality assessment image 04)

Circling back to the power of understanding OTHERS with personality assessments. While it’s helpful to further gain personal insight, it is transformative to understand the motivations, fears and challenges that others in your sphere face that are so different from one’s own.

For example, getting awareness of the fact that roughly 75% of the world is “wired” to see, think, be motivated and value priorities that are so different than my own, unlocked a transformative dynamic in my personal relationships and was significantly responsible for being quite successful in my corporate career.

It was insightful for me to understand why others in my personal life made no sense to me. Siblings, spouses, and others were SO different than me. Now, I understood that when someone in my life was “behaving erratically”, it didn’t mean the same thing if I were to behave in that exact same way. Now, I could effectively and objectively “tune into their language” and not simply conclude it was an alien creature (LOL – keeping it real!) on the other side of the desk, dinner table, etc….

Why they buy - unlock the secrets, science, and the system to supercharge your sales up to 300% (personality assessment image 05)

How Personality Assessments Can Inform and Improve Purchase Decisions

Understanding one’s personality type and natural tendencies can be a valuable tool in many areas of life, including making purchasing decisions. 

One way to gain insight into your natural wiring is by taking online personality assessments. This assessment is valued at $99, but you can receive it for free by clicking here.

By completing this assessment, you can gain a deeper understanding of what motivates you, how you prefer to communicate with others, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Revolutionize your business with personality assessments
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