The Pomodoro Technique

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Learn how to be more productive when you feel overwhelmed with getting started or completing big projects.
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The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that will help you be more productive and efficient. It will encourage you to work during the time you have set aside for that task or project.

In the 1980s, Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro Technique because he was struggling to focus on his studies. This method is simple yet very powerful because it breaks down projects into short bursts of work sessions followed by a break.

How To Implement The Pomodoro Technique

Follow these simple steps when you decide to start following this technique:

  1. Make a to-do list for the day.
  2. Focus. Close emails and social media. It is advisable to put your phone in a silent mode or on do not disturb mode.
  3. Decide a timer that you can use.
  4. Set your timer for 25 minutes and focus on only one task at a time until the timer goes off.
  5. When your session ends, mark one Pomodoro and note down what you completed from your to-do list.
  6. Then enjoy a five-minute break.
  7. Start the timer again for another session of work.
  8. When you complete four Pomodoro sessions, take a longer break of 15-30 minutes.

Choose Your Pomodoro Timer

Choosing a timer is super important to successfully use this method.

You can choose to use a physical timer or a Pomodoro timer.

Cuckoo is a free productivy timer that can be used on your own or remotely with your team.

Why Should You Use The Pomodoro Technique?

This method is useful if you get distracted when working on a particular project or assignment.

It is ideal for many types of work like coding, design, study, writing, and editing. This method also works if you have repetitive work.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Do you find your productivity decrease by the end of the day?
  2. Are you often distracted when you work?
  3. Does your motivation decrease as soon as you start working?
  4. Do you become easily exhausted while working for long?
  5. Are you are losing focus repeatedly while working?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we recommend you try to follow the Pomodoro Technique to help you maintain motivation to complete your work.


Although a relatively new technique, the Pomodoro method has helped millions of people to stay focused on their work.

To take your Pomodoro sessions to the next level, have co-working sessions with colleagues or challenge yourself to use it for a week and see if it increases your productivity overall.

If you’re looking to be a top performer, check out our 10 Tips To Use A Productivity Planner for maximum organization and productivity.

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