Newsletter Services

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Have you been building your email list but aren’t sure what to send out? 

If you’ve been growing your list but never sent anything out to them, it’s time to warm up your leads. These are the people who have volunteered their email addresses to hear from you – and they are waiting!

Whether it’s setting up an automated welcome series or a regularly scheduled newsletter to inform, entertain, and inspire your audience to work or buy from you, I can help.


strategy session

Determine the email needs of your business whether they include an automated welcome series, regular newsletters, sales emails, giveaways, or a freemium / lead magnet automation series.

editorial calendar

Master document that includes key deliverables from strategy session with specific dates to publish. 


If applicable, design a template that can be re-used for each email that has common sections of information to include regularly.

Email / newsletter

A written email or newsletter with a clear call to action, images or videos, and scheduled.

Inquire for pricing and customized packages