Frequently Asked Questions

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ER Marketing Services is located in Kitchener, Ontario CANADA (about an hour west of Toronto).

I’ve been honoured to work with online shops, trades businesses, media personalities, nonprofits, event planners, healthcare providers, plus several travel agencies.

Don’t see your niche represented? Chances are our expertise will work for you as well.

No. I’ve got international clients and have systems in place to work remotely with clients.

Generally, I am available Monday through Friday from 10AM through 3PM Eastern Time. 

It is best to reach me via email I do my best to respond within 24 hours.

If you need to book a time to meet with me, please book a time on my calendar.


When I provide a quote, it includes all correspondence, meetings, and project-specific tasks. I use a productivity timer to track my time and I will share that with you, if applicable.
Each project is broken down into smaller parts and you will approve each step along the way. In the beginning, as I get to know your style and business, it will be more involved but as we get into a more efficient workflow it will become less. 
I find that by breaking down the project this is the best use of your budget as we can catch any misdirection or miscommunication early.
For example:
  • I will develop an editorial calendar or skeletal plan of the project
  • You will approve that it is the direction to go
  • I will write a draft of the text
  • You will edit or approve the text
  • I will create graphics
  • You will approve the graphics
  • I will schedule or publish the final project.
  • I will notify you that the schedule or publish has been completed.

Before I begin a project I will need information on what I am writing about. You are the expert and you know your business and your ideal clients the best. I will look to you to provide me with information on what message you are getting across. 

Whether we have a video call or you send me an email with bullet points of your message and links or images you’d like me to include, this will be the starting point for all projects. You don’t need to wordsmith it – that’s my job. But I do need general content to work with. 

Together we can come up with what works best for your schedule and personal working style.

I will need a fairly quick turnaround for approval of each step of the project so I can get it complete and scheduled within our deadline. When you have approved the step, kindly send an email indicating that you have made notes or approve it as is and am ready for me to take it over for the next stage.

I work backwards from the due date you have set for a project to be published. I then take into account my schedule as well as a buffer timeframe and will draft out a timeline to get your project completed as early as both our schedules allow. I do my best to request the information I will need for your project at least a few days before I plan to work on it. 

If it is a regularly occurring project, I will let you know what day I plan to work on it. For example, a weekly newsletter that goes out on Saturday I may plan to work on each Monday before the publish date.

Digital marketing is unique to each business. Therefore, I am happy to create a custom package that works for your specific needs and marketing goals. Reach out at and together we’ll craft the perfect support for you.

I will need your branding ( logos, colours, fonts, etc. ), images and graphic assets to use for content creation (where applicable), as well as access to your social media accounts and website, as well as any other relevant sources (email service provider, website login, etc.) depending on the scope of the project.

When we have our one-on-one discovery call and you complete our questionnaire, this will determine the tone of messaging that best serves your marketing needs to reach your ideal customer.

I prepare and send invoices at the end of each month. I request they are paid as they are received or we can work on a mutually agreeable payment schedule.

Pricing will be determined based on the scope of the project on a case by case basis.

You can email me any images or files to or I can set up a Google Drive folder if that is easier for you.

I want to do the best job I possibly can for you. I am very open to constructive feedback. Just let me know if I’ve misunderstood something or haven’t quite missed the mark on what you are trying to convey in your message.

I intentionally break the project down into smaller parts with your approval throughout the process so that I can ensure I am meeting your expectations along the way.