4 Easy Productivity Hacks For Mompreneurs

Being a mom is a full time job, but what about your full time work? Here are four easy productivity hacks for mompreneurs.
4 Easy Productivity Hacks for Mompreneurs

As most entrepreneurs know, the easy way isn’t always the best way. However, when it comes to being a mompreneur, it helps to have a few make-it-easy tricks up your sleeve.

It can be hard to stay productive with your business while still having to focus on yourself and your family. There are lists upon lists of productivity tips and hacks to look at, including the 25 Amazing Productivity Tips From Successful Mompreneurs from LifeHack.org. Sometimes though, specifics don’t help as much as you’d think. Here are four productivity hacks for mompreneurs that will help you stay on task with your work.

Screen Your Calls

All of the busy mompreneurs in the world feel like their phone is ringing off the hook. Between clients, friends, and family it can be stressful trying to keep in touch with everyone who’s calling.

There’s one thing that a lot of those callers might not know, though – you’re very, very busy.

Make a list of must-pick-up callers and only pick up for them. Let everyone else go to voicemail. The list can include clients that you’re working with as well as your closest friends and family. The neighbour who wants to gossip or talk about the weather can wait until your off-hours.

This can especially help mompreneurs who are working remotely and are staying within their neighbourhood. Having your phone attached at the hip can really hurt productivity. If you’re spending too much time managing, try to cut back on that screen time as well.

Plan For Your Family In Advance

Make your lazy Sundays productive by planning for the coming week. This can be meal prep, sorting your kid’s schedule, or running some errands in advance. The less you have to do during the week, the more time you can spend being productive with your business.

Getting the rest of your house on board can also help with this. After all, many hands make light work. It can also get them off the hook for their weekly chores as well and will free up more time during the week for hobbies and social activities too.

Work The Major Before The Minor

This hack might seem like a no-brainer but it often gets rejigged in a weird way. Your major tasks like finalizing a project or closing a deal with a client should always be worked on first.

Don’t treat a certain amount of small work as an equivalent either. Getting four small tasks done isn’t the equivalent of one big assignment.

Try organizing your work based on its importance and its dependencies. For example, work on a task that is critical to a client first. Or, if there’s not a lot of high-priority work, focus on a task that other tasks depend on for completion.

Pick A Work-Only Day

A good meeting is productive and should have everyone leaving with a sense of achievement or fulfilment. Some meetings, on the other hand, might be better as emails.

As mompreneurs, you probably have to deal with all kinds of meetings throughout the week, work-related or not. This can really hamper a good working day if your schedule ends up being clogged with endless meetings.

Pick one day of the week to be a work-only day. Don’t schedule any meetings on that day and dedicate it to sitting down and finishing tasks. Not having to worry about meetings will give you the extra few hours to put that effort into your work.


With that, our four productivity hacks for mompreneurs are as follows:

  1. Screen Your Calls
  2. Plan For Your Family In Advance
  3. Work The Major Before The Minor
  4. Pick A Work-Only Day

These will help you work your hardest at your job while saving time during the week for your other life. Use the time you’ve saved to focus on yourself. Taking care of your body, mind and soul will keep you healthy in all aspects of your life.

Our self-care routine will inspire you to care for yourself. Read our Beginner’s Guide to Self-Care.

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