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Looking to boost your Twitter engagement? We've created a round-up of tips and tricks that you will wish you knew sooner!
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Twitter is a popular social media platform known for letting people share news and opinions in “tweets”. Whether you are just starting to use it or are a long-time user, the following tricks will help you boost your Twitter account.

Tweet Consistently

According to AgoraPulse, “A good rule of thumb would be to start with 5-7 posts per day and then monitor your results. Try going up to 9-10 for a couple of weeks and measure what the impact is on your results. Keep trying different numbers of tweets until you find your sweet spot. Don’t forget that recently matters: avoid skipping a day or posting only once or twice per day.”

If you find that amount overwhelming, tweet during business hours so they would reach all your followers.

Engage With Other Twitter Users

People often forget that Twitter is a social network, not just a place where people distribute their content. Therefore, sometimes businesses fill their Twitter feeds with tweets to take their followers back to their websites.

If your target is to build your audience on Twitter, you should engage more with your followers by creating polls or hopping onto public conversations.

Comment On Trending Twitter Topics

Commenting on trending tweets that are of interest to your audience is a great way to engage with them where they are hanging out.

Find trending topics on Twitter, then join the conversation. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

The topics do not have to be directly related to your work or products; this is a simple technique to build more followers.

Brand Your Twitter Graphics

It is easy to create a graphic template on Canva or Adobe Spark. You can choose one template and reuse it with different quotes or posts.

If you are promoting your product or an event, create templates for each category.

When you use the branded graphics, your followers will start recognizing your business brand the more they see your tweets.


Retweeting is a common practice on Twitter these days.

Simply comment with your thoughts about a particular tweet or product in response to another account’s tweet.

This will make your retweets personalized to your brand and Twitter feed.

Use The Search Bar

Twitter is an amazing social media platform to find sources and new leads.

Most people use this social media platform to post their opinions and updates about their life.

Doing a couple of searches using keywords and hashtags will help you discover tons of audiences relevant to your product or services.

When you find relevant hashtags, save them so you can frequently visit them and engage with the tweets that are there.

Create An Original Hashtag

Create a hashtag that represents you or your products. It gives your audience a way to recognize your brand easily.

Twitter Business shares more information on how to create and use hashtags. They suggest that it’s best for your hashtag to be distinct and short so it can be added easily to tweets.

Use Links In Your Bio

Did you know you could add more than one link in your Twitter bio?

You can add your website link in the “website tab” and you can also add another link in your bio.

This second link could add to a specific page on your website such as your about page, shop, or blog.

Schedule Your Tweets

Scheduling your tweets in advance will help you decrease the stress of maintaining consistency on your own.

You can use a program such as Hootsuite to schedule posts for your Twitter and other social media platforms.

Add Videos

Don’t be afraid to include videos with your posts once in a while.

It will work best for you when you are looking to boost engagement on your account.

Learn how to share and watch videos on Twitter in this tutorial created by Twitter’s help center.


These tips and tricks will help you bring your Twitter game to the next level.

It never hurts to practice some new techniques to build your audience engagement and overall following.

More followers mean the likelihood that more people will potentially read what you’re tweeting.

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