The Easy Blog Post Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Wondering how to get some more spring in your start-up blog’s step? Here’s a quick checklist for entrepreneurs who want to optimize their posts for both current and future clients.
entrepreneur blog post checklist

Entrepreneurs should consider having a business blog to familiarizing clients with their service or product. The following checklist for entrepreneurs will help your blog stay on the right track.

The checklist won’t necessarily focus on must-haves in the juicy content of each of your posts. It will, however, provide key themes and focus points that you posts should build around. Some of these may seem self explanatory but might not have been on your radar during the writing process.

A practical checklist can be found at the end of this post.

State Your Objective

An entrepreneur looks to provide a solution to a problem with their own marketable product or a service. This is one of the basic tenets of starting a business and should be referenced somewhere in your post. This can be an explicit reference or more of a subtle nod to what you can provide to a client.

Show Your Credibility

This will let your reader know why they should pick you to be the solution to their problem. Give some kind of proof of concept, or maybe work in a personal testimonial that shows them how your business works.

As an entrepreneur, the more evidence you can show to demonstrate that your business can solve the issue or provide a solution to your post’s topic, the more likely they will be to ask for your help.

Credibility also leans into giving credit where credit is due. Provide links to posts that influenced your writing. External links help to create a network of ideas that can also relate to later posts.

Tell Your Clients What’s New

Work in a link to your latest achievement, newest blog post, or related goal through an internal link. By sending a prospective or new client through to your other content, you get the opportunity to showcase your business. It can also help them run into a solution that you provide that they didn’t know they needed!

Set Your Schedule

Good logistics are as important as good format and content. If clients don’t know when and where to read your content, you’ll never be able to market to them.

Set your posting schedule based on when you think your target audience will read it. If your blog will be read by an entrepreneur on their lunch break, set your posts to go live around noon. Early risers? Seven in the morning so they can read with their breakfast.

It’s also good as an entrepreneur to coordinate your social media with your posts with a social media management service. A good manager will be able to coordinate your social network posts while giving you reports on the engagement with each platform. They can also help you to fine tune your post’s optimal release times.

Explain What YOU Have Been Doing

Clients don’t want to read pages and pages of explainer text. They want to have an explainer that keeps them reading. The best way to do this is adding a small personal narrative element to the post.

You likely want to make a splash with your service or product. Playing safe with the content of a post isn’t always the best way to do that. Tell the client about how your business is disrupting its niche and give a personal example of something that either you or your business has done that.

This can even be giving an example of something that you think the industry is doing wrong and how you’re doing it right.


To summarize, here is a blog post checklist for entrepreneurs to follow when writing their articles:

  • State Your Objective
  • Show Your Credibility
  • Tell Clients What’s New
  • Set Your Schedules
  • Explain What YOU Have Been Doing

This checklist is all about what you need to include to really establish your blog posts as being within your business’ target niche. Try and be engaging, decisive, and organized to reach out to as many prospective clients as you can to keep them reading.

Now that you have your content covered and corrected, it’s time to look at the bones of the blog post and find out the perfect layout for your blog posts in our article, Five Easy Fix-Its For Your Blog Post’s Perfect Layout.

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