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Have you considered a blog post strategy for your business? Let's dive into how a blog can help your website get found and connect with your audience.
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Have you spent a lot of time and money getting your website set up and then just left it alone? If you don’t already, you should consider a blog post strategy to consistently add new content to your website. This will keep your website fresh and searchable as well as establish your industry authority to your readers.

Why Create A Blog Post Strategy For Your Business?

Did you know that blog post content can encourage readers to return to your business when they need a service or product you offer?

When you write about a topic you’re passionate about, people looking for that information will be attracted to your website.

A blog post is an ideal way to connect with your audience. By sharing why you love that topic enough to make a business around it, readers will get excited too.

A Blog Post Can Connect With Your Customers

A blog is the best way to carve out your own corner of the world wide web. By offering content that is applicable to the very problem your customer has, you become a hero. With the solution right in front of them, they will more readily approach you to help them solve their problem.

Additionally, when you invite customers to comment on your blog post, this further gives them the opportunity to connect with you.

Regular Customer Updates

A blog gives you the opportunity to regularly update and rededicate old posts to make them relevant to your customers.

If there is one thing we want to achieve with our blog, it is to commit to a strategy and be consistent in a process. This is the only way we will continue to support our blog post strategy in 2020 and beyond. 

Business Marketing Strategy

If you have decided to use blogging as a marketing strategy, make sure you know what you are blogging about. Blogging will assist you in growing one of the most powerful marketing tools available: email marketing.

ER Marketing Services has built a marketing service for your blog, social media, and email marketing strategy to work together.

When you create a new blog post, we can use it in a customer email and promote it on social media. This lets your audience constantly be in the know of the new information you are providing to help them.

The brand consistency on multiple platforms will make your business more accessible and useful to your audience.

Therefore, blogging is a great way to give your clients different insights into relevant topics as well as introduce them to the products and services you offer.

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Attracting New Clients

In addition to establishing your industry authority with existing customers, promoting old and popular posts can attract new subscribers to your email list.

We want to generate leads, create business opportunities, and get people to discover your brand and inform them before they buy. The logic is simple: create relevant and helpful blog posts to ultimately direct traffic to your website or business. 

Making Your Website Searchable

Your blog posts will help develop your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that by concentrating on one keyword or phrase that your audience is searching up on the internet, we have a higher likelihood of getting your website link clicked on to take the searcher to you.

Using SEO strategically, we can dramatically improve your website visits over time that will connect your business with customers through your content. 


Digital marketing doesn’t stop at blogging, but it’s certainly a great place to start.

Blog post marketing is a piece of content that is written and published more frequently on your website and updated to reach the ideal target audience of your company. That’s why it’s so important to have a certain audience in mind when writing.

Blogs serve as a way to share content that is relevant to your company’s products or services while providing a platform for your business to rank on Google and other search engines. 

Blog Post With ER Marketing Services

We create blog post plans that strategically execute your content marketing strategy to demonstrate your expertise for anyone to understand.

In addition to keeping content fresh on your website, each post will focus on one specific keyword to attract the right eyeballs to your website.

If you would like to discuss strategy around your blog posts, please contact me to discuss it further.

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